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02 January, 2018

Tear It Up: H&M Georgetown Purchases

As expected, half of the clothing I brought along with me has been eyed up by Lina ever since my suitcase opened.  Should everything go as hoped, I'll be in DC again sooner rather than later anyways and I'd rather know that little nugget has some new pieces that she likes that are as warm as they are chic, even if they are "mine" rather than just lugging them back and forth at the end of the day.  With that said, it only made sense that since the majority of my jumpers have now been "claimed" by the little one that I, with a very good excuse, could now in good conscious grab a few ones for myself as well ;)

I got four new fluffy & fabulous jumpers (I'm a sucker for a good polo-neck...), a beautiful dark blue crystallised bodysuit, this AMAZING olive leopard coat that I damn-near refused to let out of my hands even just for them to ring it up, and a few pairs of knickers because lord knows there's no such thing as too many panties!! I know I've said it before but I will say it again: H&M has so many sweet & sexy choices for underwear and they are much more reasonably priced (although this time of year they have amazing sales as well...we're talking £2 per) than a lot of others on the market for the same quality.  On that note though, the reason I swear by theirs is because they last ages!!! Pretty, comfortable, budget-friendly & durable?  How can you say no?

If you like any (or all...I ain't judgin' ;)) of my newbies, have a look at the links:

Navy Blue Jumper with Black Fluffy Sleeves

Light Grey Jumper

Icy Blue Jumper (similar option)

Green, Blue, & Grey Crop Jumper (similar option)

Navy Blue Glitter Bodysuit

Green Leopard Print Coat




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