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03 January, 2018

Study Buddies

Sunday meant laundry day, studying at the library followed by going to the local for nachos, a strong drink (too strong...never trying Chartreuse again) and in Lina's case, shots of water with the bartender.  Come Monday we dolled ourselves up (to make up for literally staying in our PJ's all day long the day prior...much as we did fit in with every other human on campus in the middle of finals) and spent the day at another one of Lina's favourite study spots, a local café by the name of Paul until she headed off to a Yoga class & I headed home before being treated to her peanut butter, chocolate chip banana bread (I HELPED! I PUT THE CHOCOLATE CHIPS IN THE BATTER!).

We proceeded to watch 'Elf' while doing our cloves mandarin oranges, cutting snowflakes and Lina finally got to try the now-famous honey chicken for dinner.  We finished off the day with cleaning, stretches, yoga & studying.

Lina's got her last two finals tomorrow and I'm hoping to have my coursework assignment done before Christmas as well so that it's ready to be sent off before I approach the deadline on the 8th. of January where I'll be flying to Denmark from Arizona to celebrate Mama's birthday with her.

Hope your week is off to a great start! You all kick ass <3


P.S. Lina's asked that I do not edit her face in pictures anymore.  Her acne has gotten leagues better & I cannot put into words how proud I am of her for embracing herself as she is, not feeling the need wearing makeup but to go out in the world in her natural, stunning state and to continuously, bravely search for ways to help her acne and to better herself physically & mentally.  It takes such an incredible evolution and strength to be able to do that, something I work on every day as I know she and many others do as well and I think it should be applauded & appreciated.  Thank you for your good vibes, good soul & inspirational ways Lina!!

Any shadow of a negative comment won't be given a second thought and will be immediately deleted because shame, shame, shame.  Embrace & love yourself as you are and never stop striving for healthier, happier lives.  Focus on you, not others and do you <3


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