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28 January, 2018

On A High

Pending any universities actually wanting me whom I want in return and my passing my final year of law school, the plan is to move closer to Lina . Optimally, to move in with Lina.  We haven't lived together in eight years but so far on this trip, it's gone quite well.  I'm sure it will come with its ups and downs but at the end of the day, nothing is more important to me in this world than this girl and if my physical presence on American soil will help her in any way, shape, or form, you bet your ass I'll find something to do that will allow me to do so.

As I am still located overseas and will be until late summer for what we are currently aware so we thought, it being Lina's first round at flat hunting at all, that it would be best and most fun for us to have a look around during my stay.  I can't say that I really knew what to expect, not knowing anything at all about where we were looking in Virginia except that it was safe and spoken well of nor did I know the full extent of how different flats in Europe and apartment complexes in America would be.  For starters, HUGE!!! Secondly...concierges, in-house salons, pools, gyms...for less than what I pay for my darling but humble place in Fulham?!?!?! WHERE DO I SIGN?!!??!?!?!

We were already feeling pretty good after our first viewing, happy with what we were shown but were absolutely blown away by the second!!  It's nice to know what's out there and if everything goes well, I think we might just have found our new and next home!! Lina did great on her first go with the agents and to say anything except that we were both on an absolute high on our way to a celebratory lunch wouldn't do our happiness, relief and overall through-the-roof excitement justice.

After eating enough to make lingerie shopping potentially the worst idea, we did exactly that.  Can't break tradition just cos some of us can proudly smash an entire sushi board to ourselves now can we? ;) Once enough sufficient damage was done at Victoria's Secret, we hopped off for a light dinner a little closer to home, had our little panty parade and passed out, dreaming of all that could be after another glorious day...



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