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10 January, 2018

No Bean Left Behind

Work, work, work, work & work...although I got a decent dent into one of my assignments, I doubt it'll be done by Christmas as I'd hoped but thankfully Lina's been a busy bee as well so all it's really meant is extra coffee dates and a little less time for sightseeing.  Before buckling down, Lina took me to an Asian & Southern Fusion restaurant called Poppabox.  Never would I have thought to mix the two but it somehow works!!

The day after we finally got going on watching some of our favourite Christmas movies/classics, parcels from abroad started rolling in and to give ourselves a bit of a break, Lina decided we should do an Arizonan/Mexican food dinner party starring her enchiladas.  How is one meant to turn that down?!

We made a bit more of an effort than we had lugging ourselves from one coffee shops/bars to the next, glued to our computers in our activewear, & dolled ourselves up for a delicious evening.  How pretty & precious is she?!?!

After consuming far too much in far too little a time period we put on the Cheetah Girl's 'Cheetah-licious Christmas' album as we have for so many years and dove into the annual humorous struggle that is present wrapping!  Incase you hadn't noticed, Lina's got this new thing where when she gets happy/excited she jumps into random yoga poses.  I'd say, based on that, BEANS, & some well-attempted hi-lighter magic, and "raving" to 'reputation' afterwards, it was a very successful "break".


Lina, you creep :P


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