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19 January, 2018

Missed & Magical: Christmas, 2017 (Pt. 2)


We were both so so happy with how well everything turned out, feeling full and content as we wound down a bit and the exhaustion of the day hit (which would be why Lionel is chilling in my inside out PJ pants hahaha( as we sat by Arturo/Arthur and began opening up this year's prezzies.  Goodies!  Goodies all around!! A lot of the presents we'd bought for each other were already put into use prior to Christmas, wrapping them and sticking them under the tree being a bit pointless but everything was very well received.  I can't get over my two specially made "World Domination" notebooks she made for me for all things law-related, inspirational quotes individually selected and handwritten on the covers of both.  I thought them being painted black was because they were meant to be my "black books" which I've spoken about time and time again, the names of those who have wronged the people I love and myself being scribbled in as a vow that I would come for some hardcore legally-fuelled vengeance once I become a practicing attorney but Lina hadn't a clue!! Even more perfect.

We were both bestowed with our own fairy cards, feeling as though we'd 'come of age', now gifted with our very own rather than turning to Mama to quite literally see what was in the cards, having forgotten to open these over Skype earlier.  Lina got the funky scarves she so loved and I the large black blanket scarf I'd been eyeing up as well.  The notebooks and the hand-stitched rainbow 'Treat People With Kindness' t-shirt Lina's making me were hands down my favourites for this year and well, I can't say that I actually know her favourite present although I can tell you this much--it's definitely not the H&M Home rug she became enamoured with and hated shortly thereafter when it began shedding like nobody's business, finding it's way down the trash shoot.

The night ended with a bang as we sat down and savoured the Risalamange with red cherry sauce and what? What was that? A full "almond" that I didn't put in as the maker of this meal because we didn't use full almonds but sliced ones? What? I won? I won the game that I forgot to buy a small present for?  Lina... About two bites in, I discovered little chocolate disc, one of three that she'd slipped into my bowl when I wasn't looking just incase I was too full from our scrumptious dinner to eat the full thing, making sure that I'd discover at least one and thereby be the winner of the Almond Game.  Both the little chocolates that she'd so thoughtfully substituted for a full almond and her mad, excited rush to the living room to get a present that had been set aside for this exact purpose came as such a genuine surprise to me, making the moment that much more special.  Well done, you Lina...well done you!! Oh, and uh, this girl?  This girl right here?  SHE IS NOW THE ENTHUSED AND PROUD OWNER OF HER OWN PAIR OF ELSA & ANNA (from Frozen, duh) EARMUFFS AND MATCHING 'NORTHERN LIGHTS AGLOW MITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MHMM, look out for me on the streets wearing these bad boys!!   I felt even more Queen-like than I did before and I wasn't even wearing my fancy blue velvet gown anymore, having traded it in for PJ's as well.

What an amazingly thoughtful and unexpected end to an evening that was more than either of us could have even hoped for with Daddy so clearly having been there, even though for once, he wasn' least not in the same way he was before.  It was such a magical day, it could really only have been Christmas.  Thank you to the universe for giving us this day, of all days, to feel connected to our sorely missed Daddy and letting everything go our way for one rare and thoroughly appreciated time.

Big love and once more, a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you all!! I hope you had a magical time as well.



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