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17 January, 2018

Missed & Magical: Christmas, 2017 (Pt. 1)

Merry Christmas!!! Our lovely Sunday began with a breakfast that essentially consisted of bacon, bacon and bacon (so it was perfect) that we enjoyed in our jammies which were proudly and festively worn out into the world as we wandered out to pick up, yet again, some last minute things.  The main thing we required, apart from more sugar, was a pretty little Christmas bouquet for Daddy that we thought we'd take down and place near the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool sometime during the day.  This plan, like most of ours, quickly changed due to our "vibes".  After attempting (key word here guys, key word) to bake some chocolate chip peppermint cookies and Skyping Mads, Mama and Auntie Helene, Jason, & little Louie, Christmas dinner prep was sent into full swing!!

I was extremely nervous, not wanting to wreck any aspect of our first Christmas dinner without Daddy making it or there to help us out and was constantly met with problems be it us not having purchased vanilla beans for the Risalamande because Lina thought we could just use the vanilla extract we had or having only a whisk rather than the electrical version of one to make whipped cream.  However, after taking a few deep breaths, I threw myself into it, insistent on making it as good as humanly possible and accepting that it wouldn't be the exact same and that that would be okay.  I proudly managed to achieve stiff peaks manually, the first positive and relieving sign that night that caused the first tears to fall and from there, everything went seamlessly.

When taking a peak as to how our duck breasts were coming along, cutting off a small "nibble" for us to test out, the second round of tears came.  They smelled just like Danish Christmas duck, just like Daddy's and tasted just perfect.  After quickly boiling the apple halves in sugar water, I hopped off to get ready for our themed eve--Marie Antoinette's Flower Garden Christmas Dinner--while Lina finished pretty-ing up Daddy's bouquet and preparing our salad (another new thing we incorporated into our dinner which turned out to be an unexpectedly good call!! It was nice to have something cold and light to help get down even more of those wondrous heavy carbs and starches for a change).

With everything going to surprisingly well, we didn't want to take a chance at it being ruined by venturing into the outside world where a lot less was even remotely close to being in our control and decided that instead of laying the flowers down for Daddy that they'd stay with us that night only to be dried, pressed and placed in a jar that we will, from now on, always have on our Christmas dinner table.

Lina got started on making the caramelised brown potatoes, setting them over to boil while we took a break for our outfit photo shoots, thereafter beginning the sauce.  Without having the brown sauce colouring and seasoning we usually use or duck bouillon, we knew it wasn't going to be as dark as we were used to to begin with and given that we were just doing a few duck breasts rather than a full oven-roasted duck, we feared there wouldn't be enough fat to make a proper sauce.  No need for concern!! Our three little breasts had more than enough juices for use to use as a base but of course that would be too easy.  We went into a full-on state of panic when out of nowhere, even with us tending to it meticulously, our sauce broke!! Thankfully with the addition of some more water and a generous cranking up of heat, it was saved!! It was not the Danish "gravy" we've grown accustomed to but rather, the second different aspect of our Christmas feast, American peppercorn gravy!! It passed the potato chip test with flying colours just as the potatoes reached their mid-way point and we folded the hand-whipped whipped cream into the rice pudding.

Sure, it was exactly 11:13 pm when we sat down to eat but hey, like Father like daughters.  We're no strangers to eating late and so long as we got our fantastically well prepared (on a high here guys) grub scarfed down by midnight, we were more than happy!! Have a look at the second part of this post next for pictures of Lina's beautifully set Christmas dinner table, our full meal, present opening joy and finally, dessert and the surprise that followed along with it.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you beautiful creatures :*


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