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20 January, 2018

Marie Antoinette's Flower Garden Christmas: An OOTD

Are we a bit extra? Just a bit?  No.  The definition of 'Extra' resides within the Fabricius Ahlgreen sisters and proudly so.  We're no strangers to themed parties and I doubt our love of dressing up will ever die and why should it?  I am, however, still challenged when it comes to hair and makeup--both clearly being Lina's forte but I'm proud of how my four-year-old (who am I kidding, a four-year-old could have probably done better) curled ribbon princess hair turned out!!

For this year's Christmas festivities I opted for a light blue velvet off-the-shoulder dress which, from now on I will be belting because with my very Viking-esc. body shape, oversized dresses rarely 'billow' on me, accentuating the waist helping to avoid my size being doubled in the ensemble.  I paired it with the leather & suede black heels I found at a flea market, unused this summer in NorthernCopenhagen, playing very much into the18th. century-goes-modern vibe we were going for, my black onyx necklace and drop earring set, layered underneath a gold chain necklace, my favourite gold and silver MK watch and silver bangle on each of my wrists and a silver floral ring and my darling white and black marble ring.

Also...I've only noticed this in one set of pictures thus far but after seeing these I am VERY confused as to how and when my hair suddenly turned Strawberry Blonde?! Tell me I'm not the only one seeing this!

Massive photo creds to Lina who went above and beyond, really embodying a famous French photographer who will go unnamed, genius as he is, in acquiring these shots.

Get a similar look below!



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