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17 January, 2018

Lille Juleaften, 2017

Lille Juleaften (little Christmas Eve), the first day of Christmas for us Danes, arrived and along with it, a new realisation of culinary necessities as although our sweet Mama had sent some ingredients in the post for us to use for our Christmas dinner, her parcels didn't arrive before the GW Post Office closed for the holiday season.

We were meant to go to the Zoo to see the 'Tangs & Pandas and thereafter, explore Adams Morgan before Zoo Lights were turned on, and feast on gourmet burgers to end the night--similar to our traditions in Arizona.  Clearly, with the mass amounts of rain, it wasn't happening.  We'd re-done our plans to braving the then-doable rain to go see the DC & States' trees all lit up and do a bit of monument hopping before trying out a local burger joint but no...

I won't lie, I had a mini-breakdown in Whole Foods with us not being able to find so many of the things we'd always had and needed at either Trader Joes or there or at CVS and just felt at a loss, not even knowing what to possibly use as a substitute and just wishing our brilliant Daddy was here with us to help.  The sudden crazy amount of rainfall just fit my rather sad and defeated mood, my newly purchased brolly being turned inside out by the strong winds, literally pulling me down the soaking wet street.  I wasn't having it and neither was Lina, though in vastly different ways.  While I felt like a toddler who'd just been told that the family dog had gone missing, Lina went into super-sister mode and banished me to my "hovel" while she supplied me with my favourite Hansen's soda and sweeties, then beginning to clean the flat and setup her surprise.  When I was summoned into the living room, I found this magnificent indoor picnic spread complete with snacks, vino, cards and a painting station all laid out on the blankets on the floor, throw pillows every which way, glowing beneath the fairy lights with the air scented with the smell of Dickerson beans (refried beans, green chilis & cream cheese) cooking on the stove in the kitchen where a cookie-making station had also been prepared.

This girl's got me <3 Love you like no other bubs!! Our Lille Juleaften was not what we'd planned or expected but it was beautiful, thoughtful, drenched in love and filled with good food, pretty lights, hygge and the best of company--all also the traditions that we had in Arizona.



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