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30 January, 2018

I Left My Heart In D.C.

Hours of packing and we still needed a final go at Poppa Box to help us to close those suitcases as we sat atop them, squeezing zippers and pushing the clasps to their potential breaking points, trying to contain our Christmas goodies and, in my defence, buying a boat load of jumpers and travelling to two different climates in one go doesn't make them any lighter...Nonetheless, we finished successfully and spent the day working on final details for our Father's ceremony, university, and work while eating endlessly.  Lina managed to sneak in a proper nap before we left for the airport at 4 A.M., bound for Phoenix while by the time I made it to my New Year's Eve party, I'd earned the imaginary  "up for over 24 hrs." sticker.

Thank you to you D.C. for having made this holiday better than either of us could have hoped.  Take care of my baby sister until I arrive to do so first-hand myself.  She carries my heart and now, a piece of it has been left with you as well...



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