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21 January, 2018

Heartbeat Of The City: Pt. 1

On one of the coldest days during my time in our nation's capital which unsurprisingly wound up being one of the sunniest and most beautiful, Lina and I ventured out for a proper tourist day jam-packed with monuments and museums.  To start, we walked past important government building after important government building be it the WHO, State Department, Institute of Peace...) as we made our way through the park and up towards the Lincoln Memorial.  It is such an incredible sight to see, never gets old...every time I read his speech I'm in tears.  The view standing from the top of the stairs and overlooking the Washington monument, casting its shadow down into the pool is beautiful!!

Once we'd successfully waded our way through the seas of tourists we headed down past the Reflecting Pool, getting a good look at the Capitol along the way, for a closer look of the Washington Monument and a stop at the WWII memorial. 

Thereafter we stopped for a bit to take in the absolutely amazing architecture of the National Museum of African American History and Culture and for Lina to rant on about how much she wants to work at the Department of the Interior before heading to our first museum of the day and downtown for a bite to eat.  Lina's been into the NMAAHC before and was blown-away by how powerful and moving their exhibitions were, highly recommending to everyone.  We didn't manage to plan ahead enough to secure tickets this time around but I would love to go next time I'm in town and I know she's definitely down for a second visit as well.  Stay tuned for a second round from the second half of our day of the beautiful and inspirational D.C.


Also, as a, Lina's not absolutely mental for wearing "just" a jumper and a massive scarf...she had two sweatshirts underneath it as well!! She's just weird.

Sharing just for the sheer glory of the person in the background.


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