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01 January, 2018

Georgetown Wandering: Pt. 2

Sweet Lionel and I headed to Farmers Fishers Bakers to rest our legs for a bit and indulge in their spectacular hot crab dip.  It's painfully good!! I think I said 'wow' at least six times upon my first bite. Imagine...cheesy crab meat with artichoke on top of freshly baked rosemary bread.  UGH!!! She was defo's not loving the fact that she's only a year short of being able to enjoy a few of their amazing cocktails and wound up with a granted, delicious hot chocolate instead whereas I opted for one of their Clementine Cooler (FS Vodka infused with Clementine, FS Clementine bitters, lime, honey, & maraschino) and later, over what was meant to just be a slice of Boston Cream Pie with a side of chocolate ice cream for the little one wound up being a "slice" of not just that but half of a chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on the house due to a mix up.  What's dessert without some Champers as well, right?

We, struggling, managed to remove ourselves from our seats, full as all hell but very content after a cosy food-filled break while taking in the adorable sights of the children giving the adventures of the nearby ice-skating rink a go and headed off to shop.  We stopped into Lina's beloved Anthropologie where I spotted a jaw-dropping blazer that I'm not positive I can live without to be frank and proceeded to tear up H&M.

Lina's style is ever-changing and in my opinion, becoming increasingly difficult to follow and thereby shop for so we came to the agreement than instead of me attempting to find her some some pieces that she'd both like and actually use that once I came, she could just pick out some stuff & that'd be her Christmas prezzies.  We suck at the whole 'surprise' aspect that's meant to follow en lieu with this holiday, always have been, but she definitely got some goodies and I miiighhttt have found a few things as well.  Stick around to see what I walked away with from the first of many trips to my new favourite place!

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