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11 January, 2018

A Risengrød Rave

Hello gorgeous humans!!
How are you all doing?

Us two nuggets kicked off the 22nd. in style with Risengrød and Mimosas (interesting mix) for breakfast which, in the rather long prepping processing, we had another dance party  (or "rave" as Lina likes to call it) to Danish Christmas music & more of Queen Tay Tay before eating like starved little Nisses and cosying up in bed to watch some more Christmas classics.  The majority of our day was spent relaxing and soaking up all of the almost-Christmas spirit in the presence of one another but check back soon to see what we got up to come nightfall where I got to experience yet another beautiful and exciting evening here in the district.

Big love,

How funny is it that mid-way through January, 2018 I'm still posting pre-Christmas stuff?! And here I thought we were finally getting on a nice roll here with a good stream of posts :P I don't want to overload y'all any more than I already almost feel like I'm doing...My life cannot possibly be so interesting that five posts a day are necessary!! Thank you all for your continued love & support<3 Never misunderstand my gratitude!!!


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