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26 December, 2017

You Smell Like Rock N' Roll

My second day in D.C. started with me being able to sleep in & waking up the happiest I've felt in a long time.  The feeling of comfort, home, & love is one never to be taken for granted.  Lina came back from her first final a little past 11 A.M., feeling confident.  I got a bit of work done, we Skyped Mama, who came back from the hospital after her surgery yesterday and was in great spirits, looking & feeling good, grabbed two chicken wraps from one of Lina's favourite food trucks (SO GOOD AHHHHHH), & while she was at her second exam, I continued working away like a good little busy bee before we headed off to do a proper grocery haul at Trader Joe's.  Lina made a rare home-cooked meal and we enjoyed the whole pot over the light of our Danish Advent candle and jazz music.  

A little bit more 'work' rather than 'play' today but hey, there's got to be room for both!!



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