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26 December, 2017

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

DC was beautiful before it snowed but after?! Stunning!! Hygge levels went through the roof as we wrapped ourselves up nice and warm and headed off to Lina's work at the GWU Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (such a badass, I know).

Along the way, we did a bit of sightseeing, Lina pointing out the IMF, World Bank, Delegation of the European Union to the United States as we made our way to the Eisenhower Executive Building (where all of Trump's worker bees doing their "thang"), ending up at the back of The White House.  There was a lot of police, secret service agents bicycling about and unsurprisingly, a protest.  Apparently you used to be able to go all the way up to the gate closing off The White House grounds but since Trump took office, he's put up extra barriers, blockades etc. so you're much further away.

We headed around to the front as well, gawking at the GWU Art School building (which straight up looks like something picked up in Rome and plopped down here) along the way before discreetly (men in machine guns scare me...) flipping off the building, beautiful as it is (he doesn't deserve it...any of it!!! RAAAAAHHHH!!!) and honestly, I had such a disgusting feeling in my stomach the whole time.  There was such an ominous and cold feel to it all but I tried to think of how many incredible politicians (Obama love forever!) had lived in that house before and the history of these grounds instead.

While we were there, of course we had a look at DC's Christmas tree, as well as all of the individual states' ones and as cute as they all were, it's just not the same ambience as you'd get at night so we'll definitely be going back.  After our unplanned wandering about, we snuck in a coffee at a cute little Columbian place, picked up some groceries/ran errands & then headed home for an extra special, seasonal activity that for us, is never anything less except hilarious, happy, fun and in the end, beautiful.

Be sure heck out the following post to find out what we got up to thereafter and to revel in the sheer majesty of the pictures that will follow along with it ;)



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