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05 December, 2017

Tempting Tuesday Pt. 20

High-waisted anything is a trend that doesn't seem to be dying down any time soon.  Most particularly within the denim variety and even more so with the once frowned-upon "Mom Jean" that is back, better & a staple in most girls' wardrobes by now.  I didn't think the cut would flatter my body and have veered away from it, not trying on a pair until Polina recommended the style for me and let me squeeze into a pair of hers...that booty though!!! Happily surprised with how well they fit, I think I'll have to have a proper look around and invest in a pair or two of these.  I'm thinking of getting a washed black pair, a pair in a lighter denim perhaps and if I can pull it off, I'm diggin' the flounced trumpet bottoms as well.

Here are a few stylish pair of Mom Jeans incase you're a bit late on the trend like me or are already head-over-heels for it and are just looking to expand your wardrobe ;)



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