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22 December, 2017

Surreal: Nuggets In D.C.

Monday was crazy busy with getting all of the last minute things out of the way and done so that I could have a larger chance of genuinely enjoying (rather than enjoying and stressing) my next 1.5 months away from London town.  Mads made me one of my favourite dishes as a sweet send-off dinner and something beautiful must have shone down on me as I actually got a decent night's sleep before my flight.  The highly-anticipated (such an understatement) day rolled around for my departure to D.C. and although traffic was a pain heading into Heathrow, I'd left with pleenntttyyy of time in my pocket and didn't encounter any issues on my trip over except for some absolutely obscene and unexpected baggage charges and a 45 min. delay out of Reykjavik.

When Lina and I see each other in airports it's special.  This year was strange, for us both I'm sure, as we were not in Arizona and our Daddy was not waiting in the Terminal for us to arrive with either one of us by his side, ready to welcome the other.  The best way I can describe our seeing each other has been and will always be, the opening scene and ending of "Love Actually" essentially hahah Lina stood there with her hand-painted Union Jack flag, patiently waiting for me to pop my head out of customs, ready to fling the baggage trolley and suffocate her in a hug of all hugs.

She'd told me a few days before we reached snow-ready temperatures in London as well that they'd gotten some snow in DC too and that incase I hadn't already packed a bunch of warm clothes, to do so but sweet Lord, she didn't do it justice.  I felt like the wind was cutting right through my body it was so damn cold!! Not gonna lie though...the long line of American flags greeting me outside the airport entrance exuded a rather welcoming vibe that warmed me up just long enough for us to hop into our cab and head to Lina's home in Foggy Bottom.

The strew of pictures and treasured Skype chats that we've had over the years truly didn't do her place justice.  The added factors of Christmas decor and all of the sweet personal touches put on the place for my arrival just kicked it into the stratosphere of being the cosiest, homiest, most adorable accommodation I've had in awhile.  It has such a welcoming warmness about it but then again, Lina is walking sunshine so it all makes perfect sense.

After dropping everything off in her flat, we did a quick 'tour' of the immediate surrounding areas and headed off to the most important spot...this being the ice-cream sandwich shop that, at this point, is a tradition for her to take her visitors to on their first day.  SCRUMPTIOUS. Lina still had a few interviews to do for the GW Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship before we could head home, unpack, & settle in, succumbing to the exhaustion that came from our long days...and a touch of jet-lag ;)

It's so surreal being here.  I'm a firm believer in that home is where the heart is, and apart from being with my sister who will forever carry such a large piece of my heart within me, there is so much of
Lina's and Daddy's heart in this city.  Given that I've applied for two universities in D.C., The George Washington University being one of them (my #1 pick!), I've been extra excited for this trip so that I could test the waters a bit but, as expected, it wasn't necessary.  D.C. already feels like home and given how much my sister and Father love(d) this place, I'd be shocked to the core if I didn't as well.  I can't wait to see what these next few weeks bring but I'm sure every single day will be absolutely brilliant.



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