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04 December, 2017


The boys at The King's Head invited us to join them for a friends and family Christmas dinner so they could get some feedback on the menu that they'd be doing every Friday (information below) for those ready to kick off the holidays with a Christmas get together with their favs.  It was a delicious meal and very well worth the price as well (and no, I didn't get paid to say this).  I think my favourite would have to be Cauliflower soup!! Since soup & Sofia don't mix, I wound up eating her bowl as well!! So nice, I had it twice ;) If I recall correctly, I did also have to discreetly unbutton the back of my skirt for awhile before delving into one last cocktail and heading off to mooting early the following morning.

Hope you're all doing well & getting in that wondrous holiday spirit!


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