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28 December, 2017

Georgetown Wandering: Pt. 1

It was absolutely perfect to wake up to some beautiful sunshine following some rather freezing cold days in the snow, especially considering the day before Lina was all hyped about taking me to Georgetown but insistent on the fact that we needed to go on a sunny day.  Apparently, my sister controls the weather.

She made me a lovely brunch consisting of smashed avocado on baguette with bacon slices, fried eggs & rocket salad along with some greek yoghurt, mandarin oranges, apples, bananas & Danish honey.

Lina couldn't stop saying how I was 'so Georgetown' & she absolutely could not wait to show me this mysterious area because she just knew that I was going to fall completely in love with it and fit right in.

She was right.  Very, very right!!

It is the prettiest, cosiest area with bakeries and boutiques, shopping galore, great restaurants and the houses there just scream 'this is the American dream' with their front stoops, perfectly painted shutters & overall understated elegance.  Such absolute goals!! I can completely understand why Lina likes to walk over the bridge and just wander around the neighbourhoods here, taking in the beautiful townhouses and people watching.

We casually strolled up and down the tree & sports car-lined side streets of Georgetown, planning out our future shared home of course and then Lina showed me all of her favourite spots through the town and I picked up the first purchase of the day.  Thereafter, we walked down to the riverside to soak up the last bit of the sun setting over the Potomac and headed to one of Lina, Michael's & Daddy's favourite restaurants.

I've been taking crazy amounts of pictures since I got here so most days have been and will likely continue to be split up into 2-3 parts.  Have a look at the next post for more on our beautiful afternoon in Georgetown!

Big love,


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