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24 December, 2017

Best Day Ever (D.C. Day 1)

Waking up to the sun pouring through the white lace curtains, covering the Washington Monument in it's gleaming light, just visible through one of the!  I got a bit of work done over a nice big bowl of Lucky Charms before Lina came home from work to an early Christmas present.  Given exactly how freezing f*cking cold it is outside here I figured they might as well be put to immediate use.  I found almost exact copy of her favourite light brown ankle boots with two differences that I knew would only be very well received--the fact that they were black and secondly, real leather.  They fit perfectly (deep sigh of relief on my behalf) and she couldn't have been happier with them!! WINTER: 0, BIG SISTER: 1, LINA: 1!!!

We proceeded to go to one of many on-campus restaurants (love) for some lunch whereby I got some pretty darn good fish tacos and Lina had a massive veggie burger with their magnificent tatter tots before my personalised GWU tour began!! I came too late for the official university campus tours but hell, having her as a guide is just as good if not better since she knows me well enough to know where we'll be spending more time, what historical and fun facts I'll enjoy etc.

The GWU campus is absolutely amazing.  It's such a fantastic mix of old and new buildings, has great vibes and a great mix of people.  What I love as well as well is that you walk around feeling very safe which, given the fact that they have both their Metropolitan Police as well as GW police and secret service (4 blocks from the White House if I recall correctly...), makes an awful lot of sense.  Especially given the fact that it is the US capital and is home to so many young students, the fact that they take safety so seriously means the world to me both as a big sister and as a prospective student and, well, human being. 

Of course, the law school was top of the list for things for me to see and wow, wow, wow...God, I hope they accept me.  I even got to rubb the famed 'River Horse's' nose for good luck (he/she got cuddles & kisses too)!! Although GWU's official mascot is, unsurprisingly, George Washington, which we literally trailed after so that I could get a picture with him...demonic eyes and all...their unofficial second one is a hippo.  If that's not a sign, I don't know what is because I adore hippos & consider them to be my spirit animal.

Another stop on our tour was the GW merchandise store.  Sweet Lord, 'Murica doesn't screw around with their uni pride hahaha Everything you could imagine was available from Christmas ornaments, $600 hippo stuffed animals (I want one so badly, obscene as that is unless it's stuffed with gold), baby clothes, shot glasses, pom-poms... Lina wanted to get me a GW Law sweatshirt for Christmas but held off, thinking it'd be a jinx.  I'm in the same boat as her on that one and although I did complete the early action application and could be hearing back literally any day now, I'll absolutely be scooping up a sweatshirt of the university regardless because this place is amazing and I love it.  The fact that I've been living in Michael's sweatshirt since arriving might also be playing a small role in this decision.  I now understand why Mama's so obsessed with the one Lina gifted her for Christmas last year! It's so warm and comfy and in a weird way, chic.  Well, as chic as a university sweatshirt can be!

One of my favourite stops on our tour was the Science & Engineering building.  The architecture is insane and the fact that they not only have a giant live bush as a wall but also a rooftop greenhouse?! LOVE.  Also, how cool of an idea is it that every surface that isn't concrete or stone is made purposefully so that it can be written on?!  Some of the walls are literally white boards!! LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE.

We wandered around a bit more, taking in the sights of this cosy and beautiful area before picking up a good five parcels from the mail room and heading home to open them up.  Gotta love Christmas!! One parcel was just Danish candy from Mama (Spoilt),  Mormor and Morfar sent some Christmas decorations for us to make & our Godmother Jamie sent us all sorts of goodies too. I'm really feeling the love...It's going to be a hard Christmas, as I can imagine any first holiday season is for someone who's lost someone but the fact that we can sit on the other side of the world and feel taken care of and thought of is wonderful and warms my heart.  Lina's personalised picture calendar for 2018 that I've been making for the family the past couple of years arrived as well and was very well received as was her belated first Advent present--a t-shirt with a fabulous picture of me about to partake in one of our favourite sister activities: durum eating, spread across the front of it.

Our second-to-last stop was a CVS run for a few necessary bits & bobs (see below!) and then...I was blessed...WITH A BABY BURRITO (nothing small about it...I mean...look at was the size of a newborn baby) from Chipotle for dinner, while Lina opted for a simple quesadilla instead.  We were good little students thereafter, spending the rest of the night doing homework in my case and in hers, studying a bit more for her two finals the day following.

It was the best day ever!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the most amazing first day in D.C. Lina.


My current foundation is running low & as Burt's Bees, a favourite of mine, has recently started their own makeup range, I thought I'd give one of theirs a go!!  I got their "Goodness Glow" foundation in 1010/Ivory. Picked up some makeup wipes from them as well.  I think I tried them last I was in America and I recall liking them but I couldn't remember which kind I got so this time around, we'll be trying their Peach & Willow Bark ones.  

Finally, a female necessity with a much-needed twist.  Might I present to you: Organyc tampons.  Now, since they're still white, this means they are still bleached (yep, just think about, ladies, when using tampons are inserting bleached, synthetic (often with polyester) cotton inside of your body) but the cotton is Organic and well, actually cotton.  It's still not the most sustainable of options and although I have been researching alternative methods, few are available in the UK and I know most just wouldn't work for me.  I'm hoping that when I relocate to The States again that I'll be able to find a healthier solution for both myself and for the environment as well.


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