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15 December, 2017

Are You Famous?: Pt. 1

The final week before I was set to fly out to Washington D.C. to spend the holidays with my sweetest baby nugget of a little sister was absolutely jam-packed.  University deadlines and homework (they always kick it into overdrive right before breaks, amiright?!), gift-giving, The King's Head's massive Christmas party with all of their fabulous sponsors and guests, Adam's birthday party & follow-up brunch and of course, packing.  Not too crazy to be honest if it weren't for the fact that every single day, without fail, another three things would show up and need to be pushed to the top of the to-do list before I could get around to the rest.

I feel pretty confident with being on-top of my uni work, everybody loved their Anton Berg chocolates that I got them and damn, TKH boys know how to throw a party!!  They'd been slowly decorating throughout the week but the outside was something else.

I felt like I was wearing the most unoriginal outfit for a Christmas party but everyone loved it!! If I had a shot for every time someone complimented my dress or asked to touch it...I'd have been in a state where you could have damn well convinced me that it was Christmas.  Happy I got to put this Missugided number to use at least one time more than it's originally intended purpose as a Space Cowboy costume for Lily's birthday.

Massive bean-bag chairs and blankets sponsored by Aperol Spritz coated the courtyard, blue sparkling fire pits roared all around, keeping the guests warm while enjoying screening of "The Grinch".  Four Fox Sak√© bottles lined one side of the bar, their Schweppes pairings a dream as mulled cider brewed on the other with fairy lights all aglow, three DJ's spinning tunes throughout the night.

Given that Emma and I are now silver and gold members with Embargo at The King's Head and their representatives were going to be attending the event as well, of course we had to sneak in some questions around their brilliant new app.  It's such a great concept, I might be so inclined to be looking to invest so trust me when I say that if you're in London, download this!! Just sign up and then for every minute you spend at any of the establishments that work with Embargo, you get one point.  The more points, the higher up you climb in your membership status and the more rewards you get (free drinks, percentahes off your bill etc.) as well as getting information on exclusive events they host.

It was such a fun night; really well put a big round of applause to all of you lovely lads.  Normally, the less pictures I have, the more proof it was that I had a great time but this night was such an exception that I've had to split it into two posts so stay tuned for the second half!!

Thanks for checking in lovelies :) Hope you're all doing well.


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