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20 December, 2017

Adam & Adam's Birthday Bash

No rest for the wicked...

The day following the big TKH/Embargo Christmas party, we all got together once again to ring in Adam's birthday alongside his bestie, Adam (not at all confusing, no) and their closest 15 other friends.

Isn't it an amazing feeling to meet somebody new and just instantly click?!  I'm positive that I can on behalf of us three girlies when I say that this was absolutely the case with two of Adam's friends, Amy & Guilia, whom we walked away full heartedly expecting/insisting on joining us on our infamous Wednesdays and hell, any other time they feel like showing up & gracing us with their gorgeous, nutty, opinionated presences ;)

The plan was to start at our favourite spot and to move onwards to a place in Clapham but, unsurprisingly, only half of us made to that bit (to be sober and tired around 2 AM full-well knowing your house is but a minute's walk v.s. continuing onwards...).  Nevertheless, everyone definitely enjoyed themselves.  It was lovely meeting you all and as for Adam...a pleasure as always!! Happy birthday to you my sweet boy <3 This world doesn't deserve you.



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