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27 November, 2017

Winter Necessities

Sweet Jesus I know it is not just me that's noticed and questioned how it gotten freezing effing cold so quickly!! From one week to the next, right?!   Here of the winter necessities I got ASAP courtesy of Ted Baker, Reiss, & John Lewis.

I don't think I look that great (egg heads, represent!) in the majority of winter hats and ear muffs just strike me as 'more fun' for some reason any how.  I hate getting cold ears (I feel like I can just feel myself getting sick, never mind how painful it can be if you're walking for awhile) and wow, they make such a big difference!!!

Somehow I've managed to completely throw away not just one, but both of my black pashmina's in the past two weeks and while I've been holding off, hoping to find them...I've given up.  If just one turns up I will be happy but until such a time, I require a replacement.

Last but not least leather gloves--a proper winter accessory staple if there ever was one!
Like these pieces? Have a look at the widget below to snap them up yourself.



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