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08 November, 2017

Wild Thoughts

It's been awhile since Sofia and I did one of our brunch dates at Bloom and after the Halloween party, we needed some cheeky grub, coffee, and time to laugh our arses off as we went through all of the pictures and videos we took as memories of a crazy, fun night.

Emma, one of Bloom's newest employees and the newest member of the crew, happened to be working as well.  Once she was off, we thought, hell, after a night like the one before, let's go check in on the King's Head boys and see if they're still alive and in need of a bit of company to make what was sure to be a hungover Sunday go by a bit faster ;)

Sofia, the most responsible out of us three, headed off earlier, leaving Emma and I in our massively overtired states to wreak our delirious havoc until they closed.  A real pleasure getting to know her better over these past few weeks & how better to do so than some one-on-one girl-time the #1 way us Scandinavians know how?  Over drinks!!

Back to reality where the responsibilities of adulting beckon'.  Have a good week all!



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