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01 November, 2017

Two Decades Of Sunshine

I don't understand for the life of me how it can be that my sweet little nugget has now left her teenage years behind and has turned 20!?!?!?!  I'm so proud of you and the amazing, beautiful woman you've become and I'm so happy you had a wonderful you so deserve.

She and Michael celebrated all weekend long, the actual day being selectively more chilled out.  Lina declared her major in Environmental Studies, went to yoga, and was surprised with a visit to the cat cafĂ© where she damn near adopted two of them!! I wish I was there to celebrate alongside her, as always, but I tried my best to spoil her from afar and if all goes well, we will be celebrating the big 2-1 together next year in DC!!

The wondrous 24th. of October was also the day Zara Larsson was set to play at The Apollo and Sofia and I were set to attend.  She absolutely killed it!! I would definitely see her again and hopefully my second time around, I'll manage to book better tickets because sitting as far as we were...not optimal...especially when neither of us is over 5'3"/163!!



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