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22 November, 2017

November Jinx

November is coming to be my least favourite month out of the year because although it's packed full of birthday celebrations, it has, for two years now, brought more bad than good whether presented in the way of depression, drama, or death...It seems to me that no one is safe during November and while it could be coincidence, the amount of sheer, heartbreaking, shit that's happened up until this point is enough to test anyone.  On that note, apologies for the lack of a solid stream of posts these past two weeks but they've been rough ones.

Some good points (what we must remember to cherish and focus on even more so when we find ourselves in the midst of such chaos and negativity) included candle lit conversations in the dark, soaking up the beauty of Bishops Park, pretty much any time we've wound up at The King's Head, a catch-up dinner with Lera (my 'Mum' from boarding school) and the materialistic investments that consistently bring a smile to my face that will soon be shared with you.

Stay good, stay healthy, stay safe, stay strong--just stay.
Big love & good vibes,


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