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29 November, 2017

Man Child

Mads' 25th. birthday came and in the strange & outdated tradition that still stands in Danish culture, an unmarried man at 25 must be doused in cinnamon.  Man, his family really loves him because they just wound up chucking cinnamon sticks at him before we headed off to breakfast.  He spent his day drinking & eating over football with the boys while I sat at home like a good little law school student, studying and hoping that my stomach pains would vanish in time for me to perhaps break the 'boys only rule' for a drink at our favourite spot.  I wound up at The King's Head after a rather eventful early evening for the boys, partying with Sofia, Emma & Adam well into the night.

I'd promised Carsten to help him pick out a designer handbag for his sweet girlfriend Emily and thought that they might enjoy taking in the sights and sounds that the world-famous Harrods had to offer.  He ended up picking an elegant and classic handbag from Michael Kors that I'm sure she will love.  I had to jet back home again, leaving them to give Winter Wonderland another go while family business and more uni work called my name.

Happy birthday Mads, to many more!



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