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03 November, 2017

Magnificent Maleficent

The highly anticipated Halloween party finally rolled around and although my cheekbones didn't turn out the way I expected, regardless of the ten times I tried and how stressed out I was in the process of getting ready, I'm proud of how it turned out and was very happy with the end product.

It was by no means the easiest of costume by way of practicality--the headdress threw me a bit off balance, the long sleeves were just begging to knock things over, my train a constant threat to bystanders should I not have its placement under control and the pain, first off, that came with the application of the green contact lenses I wore and the cloudiness that continued on for the majority of the evening...nevertheless, IT WAS SO WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I felt so powerful in this get-up and wow, the reception was overwhelmingly positive!!  I felt like a celebrity for the night with other other party-goers, security guards etc. asking if they could have a picture with me, if I wouldn't mind appearing in their video or if they could touch the horns :P

I'm already a bit sad to have to pack down this amazing ensemble until next year where I've already got a few ideas as to how I could possibly re-use some of the pieces.

What did you go as for Halloween and ARE YOU ALSO PLANNING NEXT YEAR'S COSTUME ALREADY?!?!?! 

Stick around for more pictures from our epic Halloween party!  They'll be up soon :)



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