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27 November, 2017

Mads' 25th. Pre-Birthday Celebrations

Ole, Kent, & Carsten (Mads' dad, brother & cousin) flew in Thursday night to ring in Mads' 25th. birthday with us that weekend.  Pre-birthday celebrations kicked off on Friday where we headed to East London for a rather early drink before our reservation at Duck & Waffle for lunch where we feasted like Kings while taking in the spectacular view of our gorgeous city.

We started with (and should have stopped after) the BBQ pigs' ears, rosemary and garlic bread, charred Aubergine with sumac yoghurt and flatbread, tenderstem broccoli with caesar dressing, poached hen's egg, bread crumbs, Parmesan and hazelnuts, smoked eel with creme fraiche, horseradish and samphire and the celeriac carbonara with pancetta cream, truffle rapeseed oil and confit duck yolk.  Annnddd I'm drooling all over again!! My favourites were definitely the tenderstem broccoli and the celeria carbonara.

Carsten and I, the lone smokers of the group, headed down to flights to the 38th. floor where their sister restaurant, Sushi Samba provided sanctuary for those in need of a Nicotine kick by way of their rooftop bar.  This was Carsten's proper first visit to London and he was just trying to soak it all in!! We shared a quick glance before cheekily deciding that a glass of Champagne was the only thing missing ;)

The group valiantly went at our main course, all of which was their signature dish--crispy duck leg confit, atop a waffle, topped off with a fried duck egg & mustard maple syrup.  Delicious but after giving it our best go, we collectively decided that 1.) Ordering a main course was thoroughly uneccessary and 2.) That none of us were eating again until Christmas :P

We finished off at their bar with a cocktail before walking off our meal in search of a pub to kill some time before heading off to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland.  We gave up on the latter even after making our way there (too many people) and instead, I lead the way up Park Lane so the boys could drool over the cars at the dealerships before finishing off the night with a few more (yes, more) drinks at Boisdale.

Hope you enjoyed your day, babe!  My stomach, for one, was very much content with your restaurant choice ;)



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