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09 November, 2017

Blame It On The Party: A Missguided Haul

Lily's birthday party approaches on the 4th. of November and would I really expect anything less than a theme that sends me on an online mission immediately in the hopes of getting something that could even come remotely close to meeting the evening's dress code requirements that fall under "Space Cowboys Guy Fawkes".

I've already got my black Stetson hat and leather cowgirl boots all polished up and ready for the celebrations but I definitely felt lacking in the "space" part of the theme and took it as an excuse to browse around a bit!  I found this oversized silver sequin t-shirt mini dress for Missguided's 'LonDunn" collection and it's just about the most glamorous "space suit" I've ever laid eyes's perfect!! Unfortunately, it is no longer available so I've put a similar model in the widget alongside the rest of my purchases.

I picked up two sexy, sweet camisole lace tops and the two blazers I've found myself coming back to again and again, wiping the drool off my trackpad in the process, before finally succumbing to the temptation this time around.

Sequins, silk, checks and velvet...I was dancing around, squealing for a good 10 min.  As always with this brand, I'm fortunate enough to have a size that never let's be down.  Love the feeling of getting a parcel through the door but nothing's said and done until it's all be tried on and give the seal of approval.  Dunn & Dunn ;)



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