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19 November, 2017

A Galactic Rodeo: Lily's 23rd.

Space Cowboy's came in every personalised interpretation to Barnet to celebrate our gorgeous girl Lily on 23 years of spreading her light, big heart, happiness and giggles with the world.  Some attached planets to their cowboy hats, others bejewelled their bodies and I would appear to have dunked my face in a multi-coloured bucket full of glitter.  It was my first time in the Georgiou's stunning new home as well and meeting sweet little Luigi, the family pup.

Almost everyone had a go on the mechanical bull, Lucy beating me out by a single second with her record of 21 seconds.  It's so much harder than it looks but that didn't stop us from making absolute hysterical fools of ourselves in trying!  Even Mama Georgiou stepped up on the inflatable platform to show us how it was done.

Between the six salads, multitude of barbecued meats, nibble platters, donuts, sweets, and everything from whiskey, flavoured vodka, bubbles and espresso Patron to sip on throughout the night and into the early hours of the new day, if you left hungry or sober (whoops) it was at no fault but your own!

We danced, we sang, talking as we basked in the warmth of the fire pit, marshmallows dribbling, took in the beautiful fireworks, excitedly flailing about like children with our sparklers.  Suddenly the clock went into hyper-speed and come 4 AM, I called it a night, called my Uber and headed on back to Fulham.

The happiest of birthday to you sweet girl and thank you for another evening filled with good vibes, good times, good company and from this, more good memories.

'Ain't no party like a Georgiou party' still rings as true as ever!

'Til next time!!


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