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03 October, 2017

Tempting Tuesday: Pt. 11

Another week, another couple items I've fallen over that have made my heart skip a beat or two!

I need the black and white polka-dot blouse, no doubt in my mind.  Love the unique cut and you should all know by now that there's no such thing as having too much black in your wardrobe, this blouse being no exception.

I like how many checked options are coming out now be it on pinafores, dresses, blazers, or this perfect pair below!  Personally, I think I would pair it with a white pussy bow blouse, a black blazer and some pointy black heels for a dressed-up look.  For a more casual spin on things, I'd go with the same but with a pair of black brogues instead.

YELLOW IS A HAPPY COLOUR AND I'D BE EVEN HAPPIER IF I HAD THESE RAYBANS IN SAID COLOUR. Excuse me...but they're like walking around with permanent sunshine and God knows we're going to need some of that one way or the other this winter!

Black leather, black leather AND suede? Nothing more.

My final pick for the week is a holiday-perfect choice!  I like planning ahead and this top is no exception.  Besides, who wouldn't want to look like the fashionable version of a glittering snowflake? ;)

All for now lovelies, have a good one!


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