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06 October, 2017

New Favourite

Good morning everyone!

Finally, back to some actual posts!
On the 20th. of September I had my first "trial day" with sweet little Risley.  Mads has been working on his parents' flat across the way for the past year and turns out they needed someone to keep an eye on him whilst they're away travelling periodically throughout the year.

He is the cutest, easiest dog!  Look at that face!! He's like a blonde little fox and most importantly, he quite likes me as well so we're all set to go for the first week-ish of October.

Here are some snaps as well from our first time at The King's Head( the new place I briefly mentioned here).  How cool is the decor?!  I know I have a weak spot for velvet couches but c'mon, how could I not?  All of the whimsical branches over the bar, the doors on the ceiling, the rustic/modern feel throughout highly contributes to the great ambience.  We were on the, honestly, rather randomly decorated side of their massive outdoor area but hell, still cosy in its own awkward way.  Expect to see more of this place on here, for sure!

Good to get back in the rhythm of things here--stay tuned for more ;)



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