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16 October, 2017

Last Hurra

Even I have to admit that my "holiday" has ended officially, as extended as it has been, but as October approaches, the time to buckle down is ever-more present.  It's going to be a very busy month and as much fun as we have, we've decided collectively to shock our livers and be proper grown-ups in doing a drier least until our Halloween party that is! 

Sofia, Mads and I decided to go for one last hurrah and our new favourite place became our playground for the night.  I ended up working behind the bar, we commanded the dance floor, befriended the DJ, officially met all of the staff/owners, practiced our Spanish and Sofia wound up with a skateboard in her room and me beside her when she awoke the following morning!!  A highly entertaining evening to say the least that might just tide us over for the next few weeks ;) We'll see...maybe a fully dry month is just asking for trouble but I think it's a good idea for us all to cut back!

After brunch at Bloom with my #1 sleepover buddy I kicked off my pre-Halloween celebrations with the first themed movie of the month and re-charged my batteries to full-capacity for a busy Monday.

My first day of Octber kicked off with an early interview in Chelsea, followed with my first official day with lil Riz, a good flat cleaning, vocal training, finishing off another good chunk of university application work by way of financial aid applications, scholarship research, and the requesting of my transcripts, I purchased my Halloween costume for this year (EEEKKKKK!) and Lina's birthday presents, Skyped my Mama and finally sorted out Photos as best as I could so that we could get back to normal(ish) here on PLRG.  So far, so good!



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