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04 October, 2017

Forever 21: Autumn, 2017 Haul

The amount of sales right now...not funny.  Very cool, but not funny for the sake of my budgeting...not even remotely.  I've been very good considering the amount of emails I receive daily with absolutely obscene mark-downs from all of my favourite places but alas, given how well my Forever 21 summer haul went, they pulled me back in again for some fall-worthy picks to vamp up to school wardrobe ;) 

I love the dark red velvet crop top!  I think I'll wear it with my black midi skirt, ankle boots and leather jacket..hopefully new ones regarding the last two!  I've realised that I'm really on it with orange right now and until I find a piece that I don't feel this strange pull towards...I'm going to roll with it.  The metallic shine on the t-shirt I picked up gives it such a nice, autumn-y feel and thankfully, it's comfortable rather than itchy!  I feel like my wardrobe's been needing some warmer pops of colour and all of the great bordeaux and orange options out there right now are helping my case...maybe a little too much!

Everything fit perfectly, most of all the black mesh maxi skirt.  I swear, my eyes became actual hearts when I saw it online and popped straight out of my head when I tried it on.  One of my absolute favourites this time around, hands down!! Another perfect fit was the black crop jumper, pictured below.  I've been wanting to pick up some new jumpers and surprisingly and much to my dismay, I haven't had a simple black cropped one...until now.

The double-breasted blazer, while the sleeves are a tad long on me is nice and light-weight and I discovered quickly that it'll make for a really cute blouse.

My final commentary on the haul will be my absolute disbelief in having fallen for these fluffy sandal heels.  They struck me as such a fun statement piece, even with the bazaar colour combination and before I knew it, they found their way into my shopping bag.  Not disappointed! 

The total list of items listed here:

-Dark red velvet crop top
-Orange and metallic t-shirt
-Dark red & white striped tunic blouse
-Grey raglan open shoulder top
-Taupe, black & white striped tunic blouse
-Green longline blazer
-Black sheer dotted mesh high/low skirt
-Black ribbed cropped jumper
-Khaki green ribbed body con midi skirt
-Black double-breasted blazer
-Purple long t-shirt with black ties
-Blue velvet off-the-shoulder dress
-Multi-coloured fluffy sandals



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