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24 October, 2017

Boo Hoo Halloween

How ironic that I found some Halloween-themed items from Boo Hoo of all places...almost painfully so, no?  Then again, this brand has been my go-to for so long now that I suppose its reached a point where it'd be more odd if I didn't* pick up some new Halloween-themed items from them!!

With one of their epic sales going on at the time, of course I snapped up a few other pieces while I was at it...

Incase it hasn't be authentically established as of yet, I can't resist a good sale and the fact that I'll be on trend with a pair of boots with bows on them this A/W season certainly helped my decision to scoop these up.


The gothic choker speaks for itself, or so I'd like to think.  I've always had a special place in my heart for statement black choker necklaces with a bit of an edge to them and I don't see it going anywhere any time soon!

After purchasing my first scuba midi from Boo Hoo, I soon realised that it is the absolute perfect piece for travel.  It's not too tight, long enough not to worry about bending over to pick up luggage or move around on the plane and regardless of the temperature of your land of departure and destination, it's a good mid-way point.  My love of midi-skirts has only burgeoned upon receiving this pretty little red number which is surely only the start of many red pieces to be added to my wardrobe with this colour showing up everywhere, in every shade.  How do you find the newest "in" colour?

I've got 99 problems but a witch ain't one...Dahhhhhhh, I cannot formulate how excited I am to wear this shirt.  Jay-Z, a witch reference and a new black tee?  What's not the love?!

*"Black Widow" plays as I lean seductively in the doorway in this transparent, high-neck spider web bodysuit.*  Something tells me this will be used outside of the month of October as well.  That is, once the new one I've ordered arrives because this one wouldn't fit a 5 year-old!!

Since I had to return this and I have zero self-control, there are another three new pieces on their way as well.  I picked up the following, all of which are pictured in the lovely widget below alongside all of these fabulous newbies!  They are as follows: 1.) Tanya Floral Embroidered Lace Up Boot, 2.) Joanna Check Woven Blazer (in green), and 3.) Taylor Rib Scoop Neck Bandage Bodysuit (in black)


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