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30 October, 2017

A Wembley Girls Reunion

Since not everyone made it to Zara's birthday and with the unfortunate turn of events that took place, most of us agreed that she deserved a bit of a do-over, we planned a reunion!! These girls are some of the very first people I met when I first moved to London and was still living out in the student halls for the University of Westminster out in Wembley.  How the hell four years have gone by since then is absolutely beyond me but I've just come to love these girls more and more in that time.  Although it's a rarity that we're all assembled or that even a few of us manage a meet-up with our crazy schedules, travel plans, university, family, boyfriends and varying London locations, it's always one hell of a good time when we do!

We started off at The Dirty Martini in Mayfair but quickly ran into some issues as a massive pipe had burst in their wall, the ladies toilet was out of order and the area where our table was, was completely flooded.  Since the girls were running late and I was early (as per usual), I spoke to the manager to see what our options were.  We ended up at another one of their locations, out in London Bridge to be precise and with a pretty decent bar tab on the house all sorted for us!  Check, check & check.  I can only speak very highly as to the level of customer service we were met with.

Some of us headed off to Maddox thereafter and while I didn't want the night to end, I'm too old for this shit.  Too many people who act like they're all that, extremely rude and ugh, packed to the brim!! I also started clubbing 7 years so it makes sense that I'm pretty over and done with the mass amounts of drunk idiots.  The happiness I felt once I made it home, quesadilla in hand and re-runs of The Big Bang Theory on the telly is the new norm.

Thank you girls for a great night!! Let's try not to make it too long before our next Wembley girls reunion!


**Unfortunately the couple of pictures that I got of my outfit came out blurry but I wore a black camisole top paired with my off-red lace "disco pants"/flared trousers and my favourite black suede caged heels.  Get the look below!**


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