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18 September, 2017

You Left Me Speechless

By the looks of it, all my time this past week was spent with Sofia!! Now, I won't lie because luckily for me, large chunks of it absolutely were.  Be it over cocktails, cocoa, dinner, or the phenomenal, jaw-dropping, head-bobbing, finger-tapping, tearful experience of going to see David Gilmore: Live At Pompeii together with her, it's great to have my best girl by my side again.

The only others who've taken up more of my time this week have been my sweet "Golden Nugget", Henri, and Frida and Ringo!  It's so nice having dogs in the house again, even if I do lose some sleep the first night worrying about them and don't always feel like walkies as early as they do! They've grown so much since I last watched them both physically and in their behaviours. Such good doggies!

Hope you've had a good one y'all! Can't believe we're already halfway through September now...Halloween is imminent (let's get those movies started!) and suddenly, Christmas and the new year will be upon is.

The hell, 2017?



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