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16 September, 2017


A gloomy morning in Denmark that I'll interpret similar to when Lina left on an equally rainy day as beautiful Denmark sending us off with tears in her eyes, just like us.  Three suitcases packed with an unexplainable amount of stuff (genuinely, I have no idea how I wound up with so much stuff to schlep back home again) meant that my original transport methods were altered.  

My sweet Mormor drove me to Nyborg instead to quite literally lighten the load as I took the train en route to the Copenhagen airport.  My first leg of the trip went a lot easier than I thought it would, people happy to lend me a hand with my embarrassing amount of luggage.

Once in Kastrup, I spent exactly an hour and fifteen minutes standing in the queue waiting for one of three women at the three check-in kiosks for the entirety of British Airways flights to assist me in checking in my luggage.  Man, was I happy that although I was just zipping back home to London that I'd still given myself those two hours in the airport.  Nothing went badly as such on the trip except that my anxiety doesn't bode well with a whopping 10 min. extra on my hands before my gate closed.  Laughable, even in a situation where ones patience has worn painfully thin, that once I landed in Heathrow, one of the world's biggest airports, that I used the same amount of time that it took me in Copenhagen just to check in my luggage to disembark, go through passport control, get my bags and home to Fulham again.  

I met up with Sofia for a quick welcome back drink after dinner with Mads and wound up seeing Rickie and Dylan for a bit as well afterwards, along with their adorable puppies in tow.  I ended up crashing early for some happily-received sleep back in my own bed, meeting Sofia and Rickie for brunch the day after, some time in the park, seeing Sofia's new place and an overly-eventful night out with Mads and all of the boys from work at yet another send-off party. It's like I never left ;)  



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