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16 September, 2017


Back in London and back at it!

Not much has changed in my absence except that the group is busier than ever!  I love the fact that we all are as busy as we are with our own different things because then there's this foundational understanding throughout the friendships that much as we'd like to see each other, attend an event, etc. that sometimes, there's just no time for it.  No awkwardness, excessive questions or hurt feelings!

Good to be here again, with Mads and the crew but after a single one week in London, I've taken ill (AGAIN).  Antibiotics are starting to do their work, in perfect time for me to watch Henri whilst Dylan and his Mama are in Portugal on holiday and a few other pups thereafter as well.  After hearing so much about her, I finally got to meet Liz at a dinner party D hosted the day before their flight.  Had the yummiest lamb burgers and tried Mince for the first time!!

I've kept busy otherwise getting back into my workout routine, carefully, so not to irritate the shoulder that I managed to throw out no less than three times this summer, have been working out some kinks with the new layout (what do you all think??), getting some appointments lined up and attempting to plan out next year and all that'll come with it!  Exciting, scary and confusing...suppose that's life!  All of which is made better with a great support system that's always there for some good grub, a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and some hysterically difficult board games!

Trying to get as much practical stuff done before university starts up in October and if I'm lucky, get out to see a bit of London as well since with the way things are currently looking, this may just be my last year here.

I hope you've all been well and had a great summer!



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