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05 September, 2017

Pretty In Pink

After packing up and checking out we did one more walk around town followed by a final lunch at the same place a few of us went the evening prior for our drool-worthy dinner (and view) before heading off to the airport.  Although with a 45 min. delay, we found ourselves safely back in Denmark right before midnight.  The drive back to Kent's went by pretty quickly and I even think I managed to doze off for awhile which, considering we were up five hours later, counted! 

After saying our goodbyes and thanks, Tove, Ole, Helene, Bo & I headed towards Fyn, picked up both doggies, headed home to hop into some slightly less summery clothing and then, what felt like 100 hours later, I was back in Svendborg alongside sissy, Mormor and Morfar, and the first half of the Luxembourg clan consisting of Benji, Ella, and Alyssa.

Whilst unpacking and sorting out laundry, Lina and I gabbed away, updating each other on all of our adventures in our week apart until we could hear Mormor calling us down for Benji's requested post-birthday dinner of sweet and sour chicken with rice.  Unfortunately I missed my boy's 18th. birthday but alas, we'd had this trip booked a year in advance so there was no changing things!! I'm sure I'll find a way to make it up to him...

Thanks to all for this time around and to Mallorca and for all of the lovely people who treated us so well during our stay in your beautiful country :)


P.S. In other news, I received a lovely Snapchat from Lina on my last day on the island showing that the horrible graffiti I'd pathetically attempted to edit on a bridge in town has now been fully painted over!! WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*Last photo included in this post*)

My boy don't mess around with his chili sauce :P


The perfect way to beat the heat! (Tip: Crunch ice slowly before putting it in your water bottle/body cooler to avoid the dramatic flow of blood that follows a minor cut in the roof of your mouth...)


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