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04 September, 2017

Palma De Mallorca

Five days into our trip, the crew took the little 30 min. bus ride to experience Palma for the day and, if we were really lucky, maybe even snatch up a few goodies to bring home in our suitcases as well.

Just a few minutes walk from the bus stop and we found ourselves staring up at the remarkably built Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma.  The rest of our day was spent wandering around the streets of the capital, admiring the statues, pretty greenness scattered about and ugh, the architecture!! I didn't find the shopping to be anything especially unique to the area, struggling to find some worthy gifts that didn't scream 'touristy souvenir'.

I walked away with a single pair of leather sandals for myself, a street artist's hand-pan CD for Lina, some local artisan bath salts for Lina, Mama, and Sofia, a bag of different dried fruits from the market for my Mormor, a nice bottle of Red for Morfar and some mixed nougats for my Mama and grandparents.

My favourite part of the trip, with the exception of gawking over the pretty, hyggelig-looking flats was the cute little café's and restaurants every 10 meters!! We stopped twice--once, desperately in need of the loo (okay, and something to drink...), and the second time for a light lunch where I learned the hard way that avocado in the Spanish I've been taught is most definitely not the same as it is in Mallorca!! I scoured the menu in hopes of demonstrating to my waitress that my Spanish was actually pretty damn decent and that I wasn't an absolute nutter asking for some bazaar, unknown thing in my caesar salad.

I hope next time I end up here I'll get to go into the Cathedral and perhaps a few of the museums we walked past as well but all in all, disappointing as the shopping was, it was made up for by the beauty of the city I explored a few paces ahead of the group...

I wore my scuba co-ord bralet and midi skirt set from Boo Hoo, my trusty leather sandals, new favourite belt (second-hand in Arizona), leather rucksack, and of course, my beloved Ray Bans.



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