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11 September, 2017

More Than Anything In The World

One of the most important things on Lina's final Danish to-do list, wrapping up her three month stay here was finally ticked off of the list!! We managed to sneak in a bit of a cheeky coffee/hot cocoa as well before heading back to our 15 person dinner at Mormor and Morfar's, the entire Lux crew and their friends joining for us for a BBQ, feeling slightly better than the day prior where both of us were walking around hoarse as hell and just not feeling all that super.  Even with some improvements neither of us were feeling quite up to yet another night on the town so this time, the kiddos went at it alone.

My nerves, however, weren't particularly on-board with this decision so even after confirming that everyone had my phone number, Mormor and Morfar's phone number and address, the taxi number...everything essentially but an emergency flare to send up into the sky, I found myself tossing and turning until a bit past four in the morning.  IS THIS WHAT MOTHERHOOD FEELS LIKE?!?!?!?!?!  Everyone had a great (and safe) night, although they were a bit groggy a few hours later where, as much as we tried to get ready quietly, they awoke as Lina and I prepared for our last day out at Mama's together, just us three, before Lina was due to fly back to D.C.

We frolicked in the garden, had far too many cups of coffee (adding even further to our weird, sleep-deprived states) and even more excessive amounts of scrumptious junk food.  My favourite girlies and I spent the day chatting away, playing countless rounds of cards, cuddling the animals to bits and think, even with a dark weather forecast for the day, we were lucky enough to get some sunshine as well.

Lina and I headed home for what she's excitedly dubbed, "The Weiner Party" where we, once again, combined the residents of the two houses over copious amounts of summery grill array of sausages, clearly, the most important in the line-up.

Not long now before nugget heads back to The States :/  I feel like we've only had a few weeks together but hell, that's nothing new.  I have so cherished the time we've had together and I'm certainly not planning on changing that any time soon.  With that in mind, I'm sure our last few Danish days together will be magnificent based on nothing but the fact that I'll have them with my baby sister.  Miss you already...Christmas better come quickly!!



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