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06 September, 2017


My first day back in Svendborg started off with a quick look-see at the new flea-market up in town where I, oh-so-shockingly, found two pieces I couldn't find myself able to walk away from.  The crew feasted upon a classic Danish smørrebrød feast and spent a few hours chilling down in the backyard in the surprisingly beautiful weather, some of us being daring (or just stupid) enough to go for a 2 min. dip in the sea as well. 

I was distracted well enough by the anxiousness of my exam results looming, being released 'some time in the late afternoon' until around 4 pm where Lina and I began made trips up the hill and into the kitchen (where I received the good news that I'd past my first year of law school in 2016) a good five times.   We sat down to smash a dinner of 30 some Danish meatballs accompanied with the usual tasty salads and frustratedly sent an email to my university, giving up on checking for the day as it was now far past late afternoon in England and no results were to be seen on my student page.

Benji's 18th. birthday celebrations started over G&T's, music blaring through the house as we all pranced around upstairs, singing along as we prepped ourselves for our first night out on the town together.  Given the liking to photography both Benjamin and I share, it wouldn't be a night to remember (or potentially forget) without getting a photo shoot in down by the bridge in the beautiful surroundings of Svendborg Sund and the magic that is our grandparent's garden oasis.  

Enthusiastic and embarrassing sing-a-longs and dance breaks continued alongside our Gin & Tonics, Rum & Cokes, and copious sour apple shots until the clock struck quarter to twelve and we made our way out the door and into town.  I was fully prepared, as per usual, to be body guard for the night and although my duties were not shirked, everyone wound up in a much better state than I'd expected!! 

We had some hilarious encounters, cocktails a'plenty, made new friends, quickly dealt with "enemies" and danced our assess off enough to enjoy that pizza slice as we made our way home a little past 5 in the morning, sober hahah Who'd have thought?

I hope you enjoyed the night just as much, if not more than the rest of us did Benji and once again, happy 18th. birthday you handsome stud, you!!

Big love,

Is it even a party until there's cheetos and someone makes and entrance up a staircase lips-syncing into a liquor bottle?


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