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27 September, 2017

Down Time

Good afternoon all!
How was your week?

I feel as though, in nearly every aspect of my life as of current, that I'm stuck in limbo.  Thankfully a few things are moving forward and in a good direction but with every progressive step, there's another thing caught up in bureaucratic workings that leave me sitting here, twiddling my thumbs all while knowing I've done all I can, for now.

I've received the official confirmation from the exam board at my university that I've passed my second year and have now just completed enrolment for my third and final year of law school!!! What a weight lifted!

Sofia's finally given her notice and is on the hunt for a new job, I've got some new clients for my dog boarding gig and oh, I've got a new computer.

Baby Orlando II appeared to be having issues charging and yet, with the arrival of a brand new charger, the charge level stayed the same...a slow, predictable death.  I bit the bullet and ordered a new computer, hoping to time this in my favour rather than having it crash and burn once uni had started up again and that I'd completed my personal statements, essays etc. for universities next year all saved and temporarily inaccessible.

Welcome to the family, MacBook Air, Stevie!  I've never been the person to actually deal with the migration of all of my data, photographs etc. as every Mac-related death I've experienced was so severe that I had to call in the experts!!

I've now spent essentially the entirety of this past week and the first half of this one desperately trying to find other things to do that do not involve the usage of a computer.  What a world, being a Millennial...

I've been doing quite a bit of job-hunting--fingers crossed that I manage to land something in the legal sector--still attempting to find a good workout routine that's not going to screw my special shoulder any further and well, lying on couch watching The Good Wife whilst the struggle of Migration Assistant slowly, painfully, went underway.

The weather's been all over the place!  One day, I'm shivering even with three layers on and the next, I figure, the hell, why not head to Bloom,  listen to Lionel Richie on repeat, have cup of coffee and read to pass the time in the sunshine!

Sofia, Mads and I also found a new favourite place that's quite literally not even a minute away from us in the time that Bloom has been unable to serve alcohol due to them undergoing their license renewal.  We weren't happily surprised with the food quality of the one dish (The most important one at that...A BURGER) we tried but here's hoping that opinion will change as everything else was fantastic!

I'd also just like to say that the sudden decision to bring back both "Current Inspirations" and "Tempting Tuesday" was nothing but great timing and that hopefully, once I have access to all of my pictures again, I can get back to giving you all content outside of these two types of posts...

Although I'm still vehemently opposed to Photos a good four full days have now been spent trying to get the most updated version of iPhoto on my old computer so that I could move it to the new one. Don't ask me why this has proven itself to be an impossibility but much as it pains me, I've had to give in if I want to be able to use all aspects of Stevie before university starts up on Monday.

Stay tuned for a post packed with photos from this time period soon *knock on wood*.



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