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03 September, 2017

Big Blue

Just like all of the years prior, we all went out on a sailing trip to see more of the area, get that crisp, fresh ocean breeze in our lungs, go for a dip in the bluest of blues, enjoy the local cuisine, and get a few kicks out of our always hilarious and good-humoured captains.

We were taken out late morning to have a look at all of the amazing houses up in the cliff-tops, gawk at the ridiculously sized boats passing by, got to see some different parts of the island (including the spectacular cliffs, one of which held potable freshwater underneath where the Pirates used to go to in order to fill up on their supplies) went swimming twice, had some paella, pasta salad, and olive-oil drenched salad along with copious mugs of the Captain's award-winning Sangria and topped off on those Mediterranean-worthy (goals) tans of ours in the process.

Another beautiful and well-enjoyed sailing trip but y'all know me well enough at this point to know that any sailing trip that I don't spend hurling over the side (which hasn't happened since I was 16 thankfully *knock on wood*) or in horrid weather is usually given a big thumbs up from this little sailor ;)



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