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08 September, 2017

Bar Hopping

Going to town...on a Tuesday. 'Bout to turn it upppp...on a Tuesday!! 
Well, we tried at least.

The crew headed out for a casual bar hopping expedition in Svendborg so that way Lina and I could show them where everything was, who offered what drinks-wise, as well as giving us the more well-rested opportunity to cheers to my exam results!

We started off at Under Uret over Strawberry Daiquiri's, Mojitos, and Baileys Lattes, graduating to Børsens for Sex On The Beaches, Rum & Cokes, and Baileys Milkshakes and finishing off at Hansted for a couple of beers, G&T's, and a shot of Baileys (Ella really likes Baileys...).

We weren't out for more than four hours (again...Tuesday) but it was really cosy, even with the rain.


That reaction to another bullshit thing Trump has said/done...


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  1. hello, we enjoy reading it and we see you are having fun. thats good!


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