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06 September, 2017


Without intentionally meaning to do so, Lina and I both ended up somehow looking like a pair of pirates and personally, I'm not even sorry!!

I wore my new corset-looking off-the-shoulder crop top paired with a red box pleat skater skirt and my pointed black studded stiletto ankle boots for the evening's festivities and by evening's festivities I'm clearly referencing my impeccable capability of commandeering the boat pictured below.

It's definitely not our old Hallberg-Rassy, Sirius, but in all honesty, I doubt I'd be able to take over more than our cute little rowboat as a pirate anyways so it'll do!!


This is the closest I could come to making the infamous pirate symbol...

And to top it all off, a BTS look of this particular outfit of the day shoot XD
The things we do for fashion...With that being said however, I totally wasn't in the mood to break an arm, leg, or my heels!!


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