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23 August, 2017

Work In Progress

Good evening beauties!

As I'm sure you've noticed by now, Smoke In The Rain is and has been undergoing some pretty big changes the past two days.  I'm still working on perfecting every little detail with this new template and it's admittedly a pretty big effort so bear with me pretty please!!

All of the strangeness I'm sure you've been witnessing with posts and widgets flying all about our very own new website will surely be worth it once everything's in its rightful place and functional again.

I'm so excited for this new chapter in my blogging journey to begin with Poor Little Rich Girl and I hope to have all of you lovelies following along with me (metaphorically and literally).

I will explaining the story/idea behind the name soon as I'm currently up to my ears with attempting to configure this entire thing while also helping my Mormor setup her shmancy pants new PC simultaneously.

I've chosen to suspend sending out any more posts until everything's complete so to avoid any confusion.  You should automatically be redirected from Smoke In The Rain's previous URL to this one although I am struggling a bit with the lack of https.  Until (if) I can fix it, in order to have continued access to my blog, use this:

Thanks for your patience and continued support!


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