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29 August, 2017

Welcome To: Poor Little Rich Girl (PLRG)

Hello hello my patient, beautiful little lovelies!!

Here we are!! After two full days of working personally on setting up the first template I'd selected I thought we were well underway with only a few minor details missing before I was satisfied.  I woke up the third day since I willingly put SMITR under construction to discover that regardless of the countless adjustments I tried in picture size, quality and the width of the blog that all of my photo's looked like a stretched out and blurry mess.  In addition to this, when I tried to view my blog on my phone instead in an attempt to localise and solve the problem, each post was stretched out vertically so that





I'd contacted Kotryna Bass Design as I'd accidentally managed to delete the social media icon header and was struggling to move my posts to the category pages created.  This was all I asked for with the exception of asking if they had any advice for me regarding the strange encounters I was having with, well, the entirety of the layout suddenly.

As Polina had come out to visit me and Mama, Poor Little Rich Girl's biggest fan before PLRG even properly existed up until about a week ago, she was of course very excited to have a look to see what I'd done.  I was so shocked, at a point of absolute lividness that I could feel the tears running down my face as I stared hopelessly at the screen, every shred of all of the specific changes I'd made over the course of two full days completely gone and replaced with the original outline and layout.

Suddenly I was back to square one, without so much as an email informing me of the fact that the entirety of my work was to be reverted or why.  Apparently, the template I'd purchased was corrupt so rather than simply reconfiguring the social media bar and setting up a few pages, the person I'd been assigned to help me took the liberty, without consulting me, to change everything.

I can't help but feel that I wasted two of the things I hate wasting most: time & money and given the nature of these templates (downloaded and in the possession of the purchaser following payment), a refund isn't an option either.

Without feeling as though there was an awful lot to do at this point, I went on the hunt for another template, hoping to find something a similar and found this fabulous new template with Pipdig .
It was a little more expensive than the template I'd previously purchased it was so beyond worth it!!  Pipdig took care of absolutely everything I asked for, right down to my perfectionistic needs and questions, setting up PLRG in its entirety all within two days time!!

I seriously cannot rave enough about their professionalism, attention to detail, beautiful design, and customer-minded approach enough and  no, this isn't an ad.  If I grow tired of PLRG's new look anytime in the future, I wouldn't think twice as to where to look for a new template and can highly, highly recommend them.

I don't mind doing setup on my own, in fact, I enjoy it because it's an opportunity to be hands-on and learn new things.  It's of course very rewarding to be able to see the product of all of your own time and efforts once it's all said and done but after having all disappear from one hour to the next, I felt kind of mentally exhausted with the thought of having to start from scratch.

To know that within a mere 48 hrs. the chaos that temporarily took over PLRG would be erased and everything would look better than ever was such a huge relief and it allowed me to spend time with my family rather than having to use some of my last days here in Denmark obsessing over everything being just-so (all over again).

I really hope you all like not just the fresh new look but the direction I'll be taking the blog in as well.
Personally, I feel as though the name Smoke In The Rain has become synonymous with my life for seven whole years now, acting largely as a diary that first started as an easy way for my family and friends in The States to keep up with me when I moved to Denmark in 2010 to start the IB and live at a boarding school.  I'm so thankful for the support you've all shown during that time and only hope to see this blog and its wonderful fan-base flourish as we continue onwards with some new and exciting changes that start with my very own domain. **Unfortunately, after a hell of a lot of confusion, having secured my SSL certificate, I've discovered that Blogger does not current support HTTPS for custom domains.  Whether or not I'll be making a move at a later point to a different blogging platform that does support this is up-in-the-air but for now it doesn't seem like a possibility.

I'd been thinking about changing the name of Smoke In The Rain for a little over year now and in doing so, I wanted to ensure that I did so in a way that would also simultaneously allow me to hone-in and achieve an better focus and direction.  I believe, taking both my humour, lifestyle and the fashion aspect of this blog into consideration, that the chosen title, "Poor Little Rich Girl" is the perfect fit.

I have never and will never be one to shy away from hard work be it in the form of a daunting goal or dream or working 70 hour weeks but living in one of the most expensive cities in the world and as a student is understandably a massive financial drain and thereby pressure.  The older I've gotten and the more I've learnt about the fashion industry, the more I've made a conscious effort of combining more expensive, quality pieces into my wardrobe.

There are certain items that I've begun to view as genuine investments such as a collection of designer handbags, go-to jewellery pieces that will last a lifetime and a few solid pairs of shoes such as a killer court heel or ankle boot.  However, regardless of how much I work, I'm just not at a point in my life or desired career where the viewpoint of quality over quantity is full achievable given my obsession and love of fashion or financial situation as a struggling student in London.

I love being able to follow trends and to have new additions to my wardrobe and I think the best way to reach a halfway point in securing some great, quality pieces simultaneously with having a fresh wardrobe is to mix the high-end with the low-end.  Easier said than done perhaps? Well, that's what I'd like to show you through second-hand and flea market finds both for your wardrobe and home as well as monitoring sales and knowing where, when and how much to shop for so that you can look like a million bucks without having quire such an enviable amount to work with ;)

Be sure to keep an eye out for another new addition here by way of cute little "shop the look" widgets courtesy of Shopstyle that will be included at the end of every post from here on out.  I'll hopefully get a "shop my closet" and "favourites" up and running soon as well but I'm very excited about this newbie!!

In the short time that I've spent playing around with it so far I think it's a much more effective way for me to give you guys similar or identical options to my outfits, looks a lot cooler than a few simple links to the items and will also provide multiple options per piece incase the originals aren't available or you fancy something similar rather than the exact look.

Very excited, very tired, but very happy with how great everything looks and that I've finally had the time and energy to get around to making all of these positive new changes.

Big love and thank you so much again for all of your patience in this process :)
Now, a well-deserved glass of bubbly to toast to a great new journey with Poor Little Rich Girl and to a wonderful summer.  Back to London this Thursday!! EEEKKK!!!



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