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13 August, 2017

Ups & Downs

The moment came for Lina to revel in the joy, excitement and pride of receiving her first proper paycheque and that just had to be celebrated!! Although we've had a steady stream of guest since, well, before even our arrival, we managed to sneak out for a lovely lunch together over the most voluptuous Strawberry Daiquiris and equally voluptuous portions of creamy Fettuccine pasta with chicken and loads of veggies (mmm those sugar snap peas though!) and a goat's cheese, cucumber relish, and rocket burger.

The sun even came out for us after what's seemed like an endless downpour this past week but of course, as soon as we waddled home and jumped into a bikini, hoping to save and renew a bit of the light brown colour I'd so far managed to secure, the sun disappeared.  Our Dutch guests, longtime family friends, Arno & Miriam joined us for a sushi feast over a lovely bottle of bubbly they'd brought along for us to enjoy after returning from a drive around one of our local castle's grounds and lunch with my grandparents.

Having been thoroughly occupied with the constant events happening with regard to the renovation of her new home, builders of all sorts flying in and out the door, it'd been awhile since we'd seen Mummy.  Arno and Miriam beat us out however, this dinner being the first time they'd seen her in fifteen years time!!

Lina and I spent the rest of what ended up being a beautiful summer evening (the sun came out again as soon as I'd put on clothes...) in our separate "sanctuaries", shooting off emails and getting lost in the pages of our books over some music.

Sunday rolled around with rather unfortunate news that led me quickly up to the supermarket to purchase flowers, pack up the necessities in my bags and hope on the train en route to the hospital in Odense.  Not everyone's keen on having hospital visitors as I've experienced but thankfully, in her second stint now in the past two weeks, my presence was very much welcomed.  I'd like to keep her condition and name private for now out of respect for my girl but we're all keeping our fingers crossed (feel free to join) that the doctor's sort her out ASAP and that she's back to good health sooner rather than later so that we don't need to order anymore pizzas to a hospital but rather in the comfort of her home.  Big love to you and your family honey, I hope Moosey watching over you will bring good luck and good health here on out.



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